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How To Sail A Sinking Ship

JuiceheaD - How To Sail A Sinking Ship

Misfits Records presents, the all-new, full-length, breakthrough studio album by JuiceheaD. Armed with a hard, aggressive melodic arsenal and thought provoking lyrics, JuiceheaD defines the new breed of punk rock. Their music is infectious, contagious and packs enough punch to satisfy most old school punk rock fans, while simultaneously delivering a universal sound that any enlightened music fan will truly appreciate. Produced by longtime Misfits & Ramones collaborator John Cafiero.

Known for chart topping releases, Producer/Osaka Popstar frontman Cafiero also appears on guest backing vocals for 'Rotting from the Inside.' Additional guest appearances include Melora Creager (Nirvana, Rasputina) on cello for the punk-goth ballad 'Black Roses,' and the Punk Pipers (consisting of NYC Firefighters) adding a traditional bagpipe flavor to the melodic track 'When I Fall From Grace.'

Includes free 9.5 x 14-inch exclusive full-color poster with art by Joe King (Obey Giant, Crooks & Castles, Billabong). How to Sail a Sinking Ship features 20 tracks, with over an hour of new-music, showcasing the band's ability to combine a diverse range of musical styles & influences into their own blistering blend of punk rock.

TAGS: Punk

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"Better Days"


  1. 1. Better Days
  2. 2. Rotting From The Inside
  3. 3. Death Of Democracy
  4. 4. Lorraine
  5. 5. Deadly Nightshade
  6. 6. A Fire That Always Burns
  7. 7. No Good Deed
  8. 8. Kiss Your Pretty Ass Goodbye
  9. 9. Black Roses
  10. 10. How To Sail A Sinking Ship
  11. 11. American Dream
  12. 12. When I Fall From Grace
  13. 13. Disenchanted Youth
  14. 14. No Regrets
  15. 15. Pissing In The Wind
  16. 16. Take You Home
  17. 17. Rick James
  18. 18. Until We Meet Again
  19. 19. Sail On
  20. 20. How To Sail A Sinking Ship (Reprise)

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