New Releases For October 14, 2014

Covered In Blood Live

JuiceheaD - Covered In Blood Live

The latest from Chicago's power-punk outfit debuts three all-new studio tracks - and the band's first-ever live release in one high-octane package. It includes a newly recorded studio redux version of all-time fan favorite 'Covered in Blood' produced by John Cafiero (Misfits, Ramones, Osaka Popstar), and two sweltering live covers (a Billy Bragg classic and Operation Ivy's 'Knowledge'), encompassed within a stripped-down, super-charged live set of favorites from JuiceheaD's catalog.

Followers of the band and newcomers alike will be launched into ear bleeding abandon by the buzz-saw guitar/vocals of frontman Rob Vannice. Wrapped in jaw-dropping packaging, (featuring art by Billy Perkins), Misfits Records unleashes 14 new tracks in one blood splattered sitting.


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"Covered In Blood (Redux)"


  1. 1. Rotting From The Inside (Live)
  2. 2. Open Sore (Live)
  3. 3. Better Days (Live)
  4. 4. Lorraine (Live)
  5. 5. A Fire That Always Burns (Live)
  6. 6. To Have And To Have Not (Live)
  7. 7. Internal Bleeding (Live)
  8. 8. Knowledge (Live)
  9. 9. Long Way Down (Live)
  10. 10. Covered In Blood (Live)
  11. 11. Death Of Democracy (Live)
  12. 12. Covered In Blood (Redux)
  13. 13. Where Will I Go?
  14. 14. Covered In Blood (Reprise)

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