New Releases For July 28, 2017

Freaked Out American Loser

Juiceboxxx - Freaked Out American Loser

With the new album Freaked Out American Loser, Juiceboxxx has harnessed a timeless American energy, combining rap and hardcore with inexorable emotional honesty and unyielding commitment. Over a 15-year career Juiceboxxx has honed both his lyrical flow and a truly singular vision that is always looking forward with infectious positivity cloaked in a disarming shroud of dead-end desperation. A veteran of the underground art, rap and punk scenes, Juiceboxxx has played in over 18 countries, touring with acts as wide-ranging as Public Enemy, JEFF The Brotherhood, Japanther, Big Freedia, MNDR, Fat Tony and more. Available on LP, CD and cassette.

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"Guts And Tension"


  1. 1. Freaking Out
  2. 2. Brutalizing
  3. 3. Go To The Club Alone
  4. 4. Destruction And Redemption
  5. 5. Guts And Tension
  6. 6. Lifers And Losers
  7. 7. Permanent Brain Damage
  8. 8. No Good Way To Grow Up
  9. 9. Freaked Out American Loser