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Judy Collins & Ari Hest
Silver Skies Blue

Judy Collins & Ari Hest - Silver Skies Blue

Fresh from the success of her hugely popular duets album, last year's Strangers Again, folk icon Judy Collins presents an all new full length collaboration with Bronx born singer/songwriter Ari Hest. Though many decades her junior, Ari and Judy have an undeniable vocal chemistry that fans have already heard on the aforementioned Strangers Again album (they sang the title track) as well as on Judy's Live In Ireland album, so this release is a natural next step for this exciting, new, and incredibly gifted duo.

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"Silver Skies Blue"


  1. 1. Drifting Away
  2. 2. I Choose Love
  3. 3. Silver Skies Blue
  4. 4. The Weight
  5. 5. Slow Burn
  6. 6. Let You In
  7. 7. Run
  8. 8. Aberdeen
  9. 9. Elena
  10. 10. Secret Harbor
  11. 11. Home Before Dark