New Releases For July 6, 2010

Picture Me Broken
Wide Awake

Picture Me Broken - Wide Awake

Bay Area rockers Picture Me Broken aren't letting the pressures of secondary education slow them down. The teenage quintet are finishing up finals as they release of their full length debut, Wide Awake via Megaforce Records. Wide Awake was after-mastered by Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, U2, The Ramones) of, and features the lead off single 'Dearest (I'm So Sorry),' which has received well over 3,000 downloads on the Rock Band Network since debuting in May.

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"Dearest (I'm So Sorry)"


  1. 1. Dearest (I'm So Sorry)
  2. 2. Echoes of an Empire
  3. 3. Skin & Bones
  4. 4. Forevermore
  5. 5. Darwin's Song
  6. 6. Nerds & Cigarettes
  7. 7. Dead Serious
  8. 8. Vital Signs
  9. 9. If I Never Wake Again
  10. 10. Live is Evil Spelled Backwards