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Josiah Johnson
Every Feeling On A Loop

Josiah Johnson - Every Feeling On A Loop

On the cusp of releasing his first-ever solo album, Every Feeling On A Loop, songwriter Josiah Johnson was aware he wasn’t supposed to be here. Just five years ago when he took a leave of absence from the acclaimed indie-folk band, The Head And The Heart, the question was less where Johnson’s star would take him and more whether his struggles with addiction would end his music career. But then, he wasn’t supposed to be there, either.

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"Nobody Knows"


  1. 1. False Alarms
  2. 2. Woman In A Man’s Life
  3. 3. Nobody Knows
  4. 4. I Wish I Had
  5. 5. Rise Up
  6. 6. I Had A Choice
  7. 7. Waiting On You
  8. 8. Hey Kid
  9. 9. Same Old Brick
  10. 10. Grandma
  11. 11. World’s Not Gonna End
  12. 12. Solve Problems

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 05
    San Francisco, CA, US Josiah Johnson with Bart Budwig at Bottom of the Hill
  • Oct 06
    Santa Cruz, CA, US Josiah Johnson and Bart Budwig at The Crepe Place
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