New Releases For May 24, 2011

Joseph Arthur
The Graduation Ceremony

Joseph Arthur - The Graduation Ceremony

'There's nothing to do in the Midwest but dream,' sings Joseph Arthur on The Graduation Ceremony, his first solo album since Nuclear Daydream (2006) and follow up to Fistful of Mercy, his 2010 collaboration with Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison. Produced by John Alagia and featuring legendary session drummer Jim Keltner (John Lennon, Bob Dylan), this sparkling new collection of songs is orchestrated with Arthur's signature noise-scapes and a full string section; and elegantly haunting album anchored by classic songwriting.

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"Over The Sun"


  1. 1. Out On A Limb
  2. 2. Horses
  3. 3. Almost Blue
  4. 4. Someone To Love
  5. 5. Watch Our Shadows Run
  6. 6. This Is Still My World
  7. 7. Over The Sun
  8. 8. Face In The Crowd
  9. 9. Midwest
  10. 10. Gypsy Faded
  11. 11. Call
  12. 12. Love Never Asks You To Lie

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