New Releases For June 3, 2016

Joseph Arthur
The Family

Joseph Arthur - The Family

Originally discovered by Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur quickly established a reputation as a formidable and creative talent with his experimental folk rock style, diverse instrumentation and eclectic electronic production elements. Live, he pioneered the use of loop pedals and layered vocals years before Ed Sheeran et al picked up on it. An accomplished painter, he’s displayed his works in galleries around the world, and his online-only Museum of Modern Arthur ( serves as a repository for his creations. He is also a prolific writer, principally of poetry but has also written a children’s book.

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"You Keep Hanging On"


  1. 1. The Family
  2. 2. Sister Dawn
  3. 3. With Your Life
  4. 4. They Called Him Lightning
  5. 5. When I Look At You
  6. 6. Wishing Well
  7. 7. Machines Of War
  8. 8. Ethel Was Born
  9. 9. You Wear Me Out
  10. 10. Hold On Jerry
  11. 11. You Keep Hanging On
  12. 12. The Flag
  13. 13. Daddy, The War Machine

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