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Jose Gonzalez
Vestiges & Claws

Jose Gonzalez - Vestiges & Claws

Brand new, long awaited album from José González, Vestiges & Claws. This is the first album in seven years for González - his sophomore album, In Our Nature, which was released in 2007 was met with much critical acclaim. Since then, González recorded and released albums with his other musical incarnation, Junip, a duo made up of González and Tobias Winterkorn. Most recently, González teamed up with Ryan Adams to create a track for Ben Stiller's The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty released last year.

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"Leaf Off / The Cave"


  1. 1. With The Ink Of A Ghost
  2. 2. Let It Carry You
  3. 3. Stories We Build, Stories We Tell
  4. 4. The Forest
  5. 5. Leaf Off / The Cave
  6. 6. Every Age
  7. 7. What Will
  8. 8. Vissel
  9. 9. After Glow
  10. 10. Open Book