New Releases For May 31, 2011

Jordan Knight

Jordan Knight - Unfinished

Most recognizable as the lead singer of mega boy band New Kids On The Block (NKOTB), Jordan Knight has proven to be a force in his own right. After much anticipation Knight delivers his first solo album in nearly five years with the aptly titled Unfinished. Featuring 12 new tracks including the explosive new single 'Let's go Higher' - an infectious pop smash written by hit songwriter Colby O'Donis (Lady Gaga, Akon) was co-produced and arranged by Knight and fellow Boston based music producer Marcus Siskind.


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"Let's Go Higher"


  1. 1. Let's Go Higher
  2. 2. Unfinished
  3. 3. Like A Wave
  4. 4. One More Night
  5. 5. Stingy
  6. 6. Kiss It Away
  7. 7. Inside
  8. 8. O-face
  9. 9. Rockstar
  10. 10. Up N Down
  11. 11. Believe