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Point Of Go (Vinyl)

Jonquil - Point Of Go (Vinyl)

Oxford, UK-based quartet Jonquil releases their new full-length, Point of Go, on Dovecote Records (Wise Blood, Hooray For Earth).

The album follows their recently released split 7-inch single with Solid Gold Dragons (Jonquil bass/trumpet player Sam Scott), and their radiant One Hundred Suns EP, celebrated for its upbeat tempos and creative integration of afro and indie-pop.

Fronted by Hugo Manuel, who also performs under the solo moniker Chad Valley, the quartet will be at SXSW 2012, followed by US spring touring with Keep Shelly In Athens.

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"It's My Part"


  1. 1. Swells
  2. 2. Getaway
  3. 3. It's My Part
  4. 4. Point Of Go (Part 1)
  5. 5. Point Of Go (Part 2)
  6. 6. Run
  7. 7. This Innocent
  8. 8. Real Cold
  9. 9. Mexico
  10. 10. History Of Headaches
  11. 11. Psammead