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Joni Mitchell
Ladies of the Canyon (Vinyl)

Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon (Vinyl)

This wonderfully varied release shows a number of new tendencies in Joni Mitchell's work.

Songs here take many moods, ranging from the sunny, easygoing 'Morning Morgantown' (a charming small-town portrait) to the nervously energetic 'Conversation' (about a love triangle in the making) to the cryptically spooky 'The Priest' (presenting the speaker's love for a Spartan man) to the sweetly sentimental classic 'The Circle Game' (denoting the passage of time in touching terms) to the bouncy and vibrant single 'Big Yellow Taxi' (with humorous lyrics on ecological matters).

This album is yet another essential listen in Mitchell's recorded canon.


  1. For Free
  2. Conversation
  3. Ladies Of The Canyon
  4. Willy
  5. The Arrangement
  6. Rainy Night House
  7. The Priest
  8. Blue Boy
  9. Big Yellow Taxi
  10. Woodstock
  11. The Circle Game

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