New Releases For October 21, 2016

New Skin

JONES - New Skin

New Skin is the debut album from 25-year-old London born chanteuse JONES. New Skin came together thanks to JONES’ work with some incredible studio talents; Lana Del Rey collaborator Justin Parker, Savages producer and xx mixer Rodaidh McDonald, Sam Smith co-writer Tourist, Two Inch Punch, XO, Oceaan and HONNE. Working with these disparate talents got JONES exploring new ground, but also hardened her vision of what her songs should really be: moments to lift people out of their lives, however difficult.

TAGS: Neo Soul | Pop | R&B | Soul

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  1. 1. Rainbow
  2. 2. Indulge
  3. 3. Hoops
  4. 4. Melt
  5. 5. Out Of This World
  6. 6. Waterloo
  7. 7. Wild
  8. 8. Walk My Way
  9. 9. Tomorrow Is New
  10. 10. Bring Me Down
  11. 11. Lonely Cry
  12. 12. New Skin