New Releases For October 15, 2013

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare

Fanfare is the second full-length from acclaimed artist/producer Jonathan Wilson. Wilson, a storied producer (Father John Misty, Dawes), crafted Fanfare with engineer Bryce Gonzales at his personal Five Star Studio in Echo Park, nodding to the rootsy psychedelia of cult classics like Pacific Ocean Blue by Dennis Wilson. Fanfare taps into and innovates on the deep lineage of the Laurel Canyon rock scene in Los Angeles, boasting collaborations with Angelino legends Graham Nash, David Crosby and Jackson Browne, as well as new era favorites like Father John Misty.

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"Love To Love"


  1. 1. Fanfare
  2. 2. Dear Friend
  3. 3. Her Hair Is Growing Long
  4. 4. Love To Love
  5. 5. Future Vision
  6. 6. Moses Pain
  7. 7. Cecil Taylor
  8. 8. Illumination
  9. 9. Desert Trip
  10. 10. Fazon
  11. 11. New Mexico
  12. 12. Lovestrong
  13. 13. All The Way Down (CD/DIGI Bonus)

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