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Jonathan McReynolds
Make Room

Jonathan McReynolds - Make Room

Make Room is a body of work that narrates beautifully the experiences of everyday life lyrically and musically. With each song, Jonathan McReynolds creatively takes the listener on a journey and offers a soundtrack of encouragement, insight and resolve for everyday challenges, as well as the everyday joys. Make Room drives home the message of God’s transforming and shaping power in every area of doing life 24/7, not just empty references pointing to a Sunday only Jesus. These songs move, live and work for everywhere one could be; from the work place to any spiritual place.

TAGS: Christian | Gospel | R&B

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"Cycles (Featuring DOE)"


  1. 1. Life Room Anthem (Featuring Dee-1)
  2. 2. Great Is The Lord (Featuring Tonya Baker)
  3. 3. Cycles (Featuring DOE)
  4. 4. L.R.F. (Rollercoasters)
  5. 5. Comparison Kills
  6. 6. Graduate (Featuring The Hamiltones)
  7. 7. Better
  8. 8. L.R.F. (Keep On Doin’ Better) (Featuring Darrel Walls, Alic Walls, & Latice Crawford)
  9. 9. Not Lucky, I’m Loved
  10. 10. Make Room
  11. 11. L.R.F. (Move That Over) (Featuring Travis Greene, Anthony Brown, & Brian Courtney Wilson)
  12. 12. Lover Of My Soul
  13. 13. Smile (Life Room Version)