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Jonah Tolchin
Fires For The Cold

Jonah Tolchin - Fires For The Cold

Recorded at Carriage House Studios and co-produced with Grammy winning, Sheldon Gomberg, Fires For The Cold includes a number of notable guests - Jackson Browne and Rickie Lee Jones - both of whom lend their voices to a stunning and sublime cover of Little Feat's “Roll Um Easy.” Sara Watkins sang on two other songs, “Supermarket Rage” and “Honeysuckle.” Several A-list players - drummer Jay Bellerose, Little Feat guitarist Fred Tackett, pedal steel player Greg Leisz, and guitarist Ben Peller - lend their efforts as well. The CD features a download card for the bonus track "Touched By Fire" which is not available at digital services.

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"White Toyota Ranger"


  1. 1. Supermarket Rage
  2. 2. The Real You
  3. 3. White Toyota Ranger
  4. 4. Turn To Ashes
  5. 5. Honeysuckle
  6. 6. Wash Over You
  7. 7. Roll Um Easy
  8. 8. Day By Day
  9. 9. Timeless River
  10. 10. Maybe, I'm A Rolling Stone

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