New Releases For September 11, 2012

Jon Brooks
Delicate Cages

Jon Brooks - Delicate Cages

With a deft pen and deep musicality Jon Brooks' Delicate Cages reveals the complicit natures of good and evil, love and fear, and freedom and imprisonment - cages of the human condition. Great songwriters, like the best artists in any discipline, defy convention and confound those who seek comparisons. Toronto's Jon Brooks stands among an exalted few in the enduring Canadian song tradition - Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Bruce Cockburn - as a lyricist, composer and performer with a fierce commitment to his craft and his vision. He's proud to call himself a folksinger at a time when that particular f-word has ceased to have much meaning to armies of wannabe artists seeking little more than ordinary fame and glory. - Greg Quill, The Toronto Star

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"Because We're Free"


  1. 1. Because We're Free
  2. 2. Fort McMurray
  3. 3. Mercy
  4. 4. Hudson Girl
  5. 5. Cage Fighter
  6. 6. Madeline
  7. 7. Son Of Hamas
  8. 8. Visiting Day
  9. 9. The Lonesome Death Of Aqsa Parvez
  10. 10. There Are Only Cages
  11. 11. Because We're Free (Reprise)