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Jon Anderson
1000 Hands

Jon Anderson - 1000 Hands

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Anderson is one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock as the lead vocalist of Yes, which he co-founded in 1968. He has enjoyed a 50-year career and is a major creative force behind some of the band’s most artistically ambitious ideas that yielded such groundbreaking and enormously popular albums as Fragile, Close To The Edge, and Tales From Topographic Oceans. Anderson sang and co-wrote many of Yes’ timeless hits, including “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Roundabout,” “Long Distance Runaround,” “Awaken” and “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.”

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"First Born Leaders"


  1. 1. Now
  2. 2. Ramalama
  3. 3. First Born Leaders
  4. 4. Activate
  5. 5. Makes Me Happy
  6. 6. Now Variations
  7. 7. I Found Myself
  8. 8. Twice In A Lifetime
  9. 9. WDMCF
  10. 10. 1000 Hands (Come Up)
  11. 11. Now And Again