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Jon Allen

Jon Allen - ...meanwhile

London-based singer-songwriter Jon Allen releases his fifth studio album, ...meanwhile. Perfectly blending Jon's acclaimed output as a songwriter, the album is a product of the times we're living in. “Like everybody else in these times I feel as if we have all been through a gamut of emotions, I think this record reflects that,” states Jon. With many songs written at the height of lock-down, the album reflects the hopes, anxieties, and frustrations of the past year. “I hope the different moods on the record transport the listener and bring them some escape from the claustrophobia of this moment.”

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"Can't Hold Back The Sun"


  1. 1. Blame It All On Me
  2. 2. Can't Hold Back The Sun
  3. 3. Cruel World
  4. 4. Looking For The Light
  5. 5. Mercy
  6. 6. Suzanne
  7. 7. How Long
  8. 8. The Other Side
  9. 9. Western Shore
  10. 10. Hold On
  11. 11. Wrong

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