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Jon Allen
Deep River

Jon Allen - Deep River

Deep River sees acclaimed singer-songwriter, Jon Allen paying tribute to great music of the past; mixing catchy sixties-inflected rock, soul, and country blues. Since breaking out in the London music scene in 2008, Jon has gained a loyal and ever-growing fan base through his talent as a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter.

His songs have provided the perfect soundtrack for hit prime time TV shows such as Homeland and Bones, along with Hollywood blockbusters The Oranges and Safe Haven. With vocals that are eerily reminiscent of a young Rod Stewart, Jon sings on relationships, moving on, and finding oneself.

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"Night & Day"


  1. 1. Night & Day
  2. 2. Lady Of The Water
  3. 3. Falling Back
  4. 4. Hummingbird Blues
  5. 5. Fire In My Heart
  6. 6. Deep River
  7. 7. Wait For Me
  8. 8. Get What's Mine
  9. 9. By My Side
  10. 10. All The Money's Gone
  11. 11. Loving Arms
  12. 12. Keep Moving On

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