New Releases For May 18, 2018

Jon Allen
Blue Flame

Jon Allen - Blue Flame

Jon Allen, acclaimed singer-songwriter from England has released his highly anticipated new album, Blue Flame. With a voice that is equal parts Rod Stewart, Van Morrison and Sam Cooke, Allen has an uncanny ability to write songs that feel instantly familiar. Now on his fourth full-length album, Allen has developed his traditional folk-rock driven sound into a more blue-eyed soul approach. While all of Allen’s previous albums contained soulful elements, Blue Flame represents the singer’s first out-and-out soul record, bringing a soulful confection of feel-good tunes delivered with Allen’s inimitable whisky-soaked voice.

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"Jonah's Whale"


  1. 1. Jonah's Whale
  2. 2. Keep On Walking
  3. 3. Since You Went Away
  4. 4. It's Just The End Of The World
  5. 5. If You Change Your Mind
  6. 6. Tightrope
  7. 7. Hold You In My Heart
  8. 8. Better Day
  9. 9. Stay
  10. 10. Waking Dream
  11. 11. Blue Flame
  12. 12. You

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