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Johnny Flynn
Been Listening

Johnny Flynn - Been Listening

Ever since discovering a copy of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in a junk shop at age 13, Johnny has known what he wants to do with his life: to take off on a path of discovery and write poetic, lyrical songs that document the journey.

With his second album recorded in various spaces in London and Bear Creek studios outside of Seattle, you can hear that spirit of searching, a voice of the outsider. Johnny has developed the song-writing maturity - equal parts resigned and hopeful - that was strongly present in his debut album A Larum.

Produced by Ryan Hadlok (Regina Spektor, The Strokes,) Been Listening has 11 songs plus 4 bonus tracks from his unreleased Sweet William EP.

Flynn's must-see U.S. tour began in New York City on October 22.

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"Kentucky Pill"


  1. 1. Kentucky Pill
  2. 2. Lost and Found
  3. 3. Churlish May
  4. 4. Been Listening
  5. 5. Barnacled Warship
  6. 6. Sweet William (Part 2)
  7. 7. The Waterfront (Feat. Laura Marling)
  8. 8. Howl
  9. 9. Agnes
  10. 10. Amazon Love
  11. 11. The Prizefighter and the Heiress

  12. + 4 bonus tracks from unreleased Sweet William EP
  13. 12. The Mountain Is Burning
  14. 13. Trains
  15. 14. Sweet William
  16. 15. Drum

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