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John Németh
Stronger Than Strong

John Németh - Stronger Than Strong

In 2019, John Németh returned to Memphis’ Electraphonic Recording, where he previously recorded Memphis Grease, to record this dynamic new opus, his tenth career release. Németh and his seasoned road band of young gun players, the Blue Dreamers, featuring 19 year-old guitar phenom Jon Hay, drummer Danny Banks, and Matt Wilson on bass captured this southern swamp roots session live to tape. A dozen new tracks, including ten originals, feature the soaring soul blues tenor and hot blues harp playing that has garnered Németh a loyal fan base and international attention for more than twenty years.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"I Can See Your Love Light Shine"


  1. 1. Come And Take It
  2. 2. Fountain Of A Man
  3. 3. Sometimes
  4. 4. Throw Me In The Water
  5. 5. Chain Breaker
  6. 6. Bars
  7. 7. I Can See Your Love Light Shine
  8. 8. Deprivin' A Love
  9. 9. Work For Love
  10. 10. Guess Who
  11. 11. She's My Punisher
  12. 12. Sweep The Shack

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