New Releases For May 11, 2018

John Mellencamp
Plain Spoken, From The Chicago Theatre (CD+DVD)

John Mellencamp - Plain Spoken, From The Chicago Theatre (CD+DVD)

“Try to keep it as plain spoken as possible…” those are some of the first words the viewer hears in Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre. A self-narrated musical journey, the film encapsulates the sound and soul of John Mellencamp. Stepping outside the boundaries of a concert film or documentary, Plain Spoken blends highly personal voice-overs from Mellencamp with live footage of him performing with his full band at the historic Chicago Theatre. In addition to the full film with Mellencamp’s commentary, this audio-visual release offers a “non-commentary” option (available in the Main Menu) in which viewers can watch the concert on its own. Available on DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, and digital formats.

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"Troubled Man"


  1. 1. Lawless Times
  2. 2. Troubled Man
  3. 3. Minutes To Memories
  4. 4. Small Town
  5. 5. Stones In My Passway
  6. 6. Pop Singer
  7. 7. Check It Out
  8. 8. Longest Days
  9. 9. The Full Catastrophe
  10. 10. My Soul's Got Wings
  11. 11. Overture
  12. 12. Rain On The Scarecrow
  13. 13. Paper In Fire
  14. 14. Authority Song
  15. 15. Pink Houses
  16. 16. Cherry Bomb

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