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John Mellencamp
No Better Than This

John Mellencamp - No Better Than This

In an age of auto-tuned, computerized recordings, John Mellencamp's approach on his Rounder debut, No Better Than This, is refreshing. The entire album was recorded with Mellencamp and his band all playing live in one room using a 55 year-old Ampex tape recorder and just one vintage microphone. Legendary producer T Bone Burnett captured the stunning thirteen new Mellencamp originals at various historically significant locations. The songs on No Better Than This reflect classic American musical traditions including blues, folk, gospel, rockabilly, and country, while addressing such themes as the need for hope, the nature of relationships, and narratives that recount extraordinary occurrences in everyday life.

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"No Better Than This"


  1. 1. Save Some Time To Dream
  2. 2. The West End
  3. 3. Right Behind Me
  4. 4. A Graceful Fall
  5. 5. No Better Than This
  6. 6. Thinking About You
  7. 7. Coming Down The Road
  8. 8. No One Cares About Me
  9. 9. Love At First Sight
  10. 10. Don't Forget About Me
  11. 11. Each Day Of Sorrow
  12. 12. Easter Eve
  13. 13. Clumsy Ol' World

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