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John McSherry
The Seven Suns

John McSherry - The Seven Suns

John McSherry, founding member of the seminal Irish band Lunasa, is one of the foremost composers and performers on low whistle and uilleann pipes. John is widely regarded as a premier contemporary torch-bearer of the uilleann pipes, a venerable instrument with a storied history comparable to the blues in America, but even more mysterious and mythological in character. His new album, The Seven Suns, is inspired by his long-time fascination of the ancient megalithic monuments of Ireland and features guest musicians Niamh Dunne, Michael McGoldrick, Seán Óg Graham and Sean Warren.

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  1. 1. Dance Of The Síog
  2. 2. The King Of Dal Buinne
  3. 3. The Atlantean
  4. 4. Carrowmore
  5. 5. Sunrise At Bealtaine
  6. 6. Sunset Land
  7. 7. The Golden Mean
  8. 8. The Whisperer
  9. 9. The Stone Of The Seven Suns
  10. 10. The Cloghogle