New Releases For September 16, 2016

John Hickman

John Hickman - Remnants

On his infectious, musically eclectic and powerfully produced full length debut album Remnants, John Hickman steps out with his first single, the provocative high octane rocker “While Everyone Was Sleeping.” Highlights of the 12-track collection include the semi-title track and progressive rocker “Remnants Of The Human Race;” the searing power ballad “Passing Thru;” the romantic pop rocker “Paris Is Burning;” the booming, high energy “Cascade;” the Beatlesque “Hello Hello;” and the moving ballad “Soiled Dove.” Hickman cut the tracks in Seattle with the help of mixer/engineer Jonathan Plum and mastering engineer Geoff Ott, and with the help of numerous stellar local Seattle musicians.


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"While Everyone Was Sleeping"


  1. 1. Hello Hello
  2. 2. Escape
  3. 3. Paris Is Burning
  4. 4. Soiled Dove
  5. 5. What They Told Me
  6. 6. Cascade
  7. 7. Talk
  8. 8. Remnants Of The Human Race
  9. 9. What Have You Done?
  10. 10. Passing Thru
  11. 11. While Everyone Was Sleeping
  12. 12. Where Have You Gone?