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John Brannen

John Brannen - Bravado

Bravado is singer-songwriter John Brannen's third release for Sly Dog Records and sixth album overall.

Acclaimed for his Americana/Rock/Country sound (with a little Roots/Twang mixed in), Brannen has been hailed by No Depression magazine as an original hybrid, while Billboard has called him versatile and rewarding.

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"Still In The Game"


  1. 1. Raised A Rebel
  2. 2. Still In The Game
  3. 3. The Messenger
  4. 4. Anywhere But Here
  5. 5. Dog Wants In
  6. 6. Hickory Wind
  7. 7. I Could Be Persuaded
  8. 8. Barely Enough of Your Love
  9. 9. Hoodoo Highway
  10. 10. The Name of the Room
  11. 11. Between the Concrete and the Moon