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Johannes Linstead
Tales Of A Gypsy

Johannes Linstead - Tales Of A Gypsy

The passion, fire and romance of the Spanish guitar is eloquently presented on Tales Of A Gypsy by multi-award winning guitarist Johannes Linstead. Joyful, mystical and exotic sounds weave together with sensual Latin rhythms and percussion to create an album that will satiate guitar aficionados and world music fans alike.

'Johannes Linstead is a blazing quick and amazingly lyrical guitarist. There is a sense of joy and affirmation of life that pervades every one of his compositions. Highly recommended.' - Vivoscene Magazine

'The Spanish guitar ace does it again. Killer stuff.' - Midwest Record

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"Jungle Love"


  1. 1. Jungle Love
  2. 2. Noche De La Juerga
  3. 3. Swaying Palms
  4. 4. September Remembered
  5. 5. La Lunada
  6. 6. Vagabond Stomp
  7. 7. Bella! Bella!
  8. 8. Sosua Bay Sunset
  9. 9. Tales Of A Gypsy
  10. 10. Flows Like Water
  11. 11. Caravan Of Desire