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Joey DeFrancesco - More Music

After a year of pandemic lockdown - with stages dark and nightclubs shuttered, friends and families kept at a social distance, and political and social tensions raging - the one thing we could all use right now is More Music. It offers up ten new Joey DeFrancesco originals, brought to life by a scintillating new trio. And the master organist, who has long supplemented his keyboard virtuoso with his skilled trumpet playing, here brings out his full arsenal: organ, keyboard, piano, trumpet, and, for the first time on record, tenor saxophone. He also steps to the microphone to croon Mario Romano’s yearning “And If You Please.”

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  1. 1. Free
  2. 2. Lady G
  3. 3. Just Beyond The Horizon
  4. 4. In Times Of Reflection
  5. 5. Angel Calling
  6. 6. Where To Go
  7. 7. Roll With It
  8. 8. And If You Please
  9. 9. More Music
  10. 10. This Time Around
  11. 11. Soul Dancing

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