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Joe Lovano
Cross Culture

Joe Lovano - Cross Culture

Living legend saxophonist and composer Joe Lovano releases Cross Culture, his 23rd Blue Note recording and the third consecutive release by his critically acclaimed quintet, Us Five. The album is an 11-track tour de force that presents ten of Lovano's original compositions along with a stunning interpretation of the Billy Strayhorn ballad 'Star Crossed Lovers.'

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"Cross Culture"


  1. 1. Blessings In May
  2. 2. Myths And Legends
  3. 3. Cross Culture
  4. 4. In A Spin
  5. 5. Star Crossed Lovers
  6. 6. Journey Within
  7. 7. Drum Chant
  8. 8. Golden Horn
  9. 9. Royal Roost
  10. 10. Modern Man
  11. 11. PM