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Jo Jo Clark
New Hound In Town

Jo Jo Clark - New Hound In Town

Originally produced by Kim Fowley for the Allegiance Records label and now available for the first time in over 30 years, these 12 remastered tracks have never before been on CD or digital anywhere.

With original album cover art and extensive liner notes by Kim Fowley.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 24, 2014 ON Fuel
TAGS: Garage | Pop | Reissue

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"White Trash On Fire"


  1. 1. White Trash On Fire
  2. 2. King Of The Cowboys
  3. 3. Down Home Days
  4. 4. Luck Of The Common Man
  5. 5. Going Back To Texas
  6. 6. Running Wild Mastered
  7. 7. Keep On Rockin
  8. 8. Son Of The South
  9. 9. Down The Oil Fields
  10. 10. Just Like Steven Foster
  11. 11. It's Great To Be Alive
  12. 12. Juke Joint Jungle Beat