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JJ Grey & Mofro
This River

JJ Grey & Mofro - This River

This River is named for the St. John's River, a centering point for JJ's childhood near Jacksonville, Florida.

This River flows from freewheeling celebrations ('Florabama') to dark inner journeys ('Somebody Else'), from late night, beer-soaked testimonials ('Your Lady, She's Shady') to heartfelt ballads of the almost-forgotten ('The Ballad Of Larry Webb'), and ends with the title track and a singularly devastating vocal performance. His smoldering vocals, mesmerizing songs and dynamic grooves combine blues, R&B and rock into something both instantly danceable and lyrically intense.

Available on both CD and 180g vinyl (free download card included with vinyl)

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"99 Shades Of Crazy"


  1. 1. Your Lady, She's Shady
  2. 2. Somebody Else
  3. 3. Tame A Wild One
  4. 4. 99 Shades Of Crazy
  5. 5. The Ballad Of Larry Webb
  6. 6. Florabama
  7. 7. Standing On The Edge
  8. 8. Write A Letter
  9. 9. Harp & Drums
  10. 10. This River

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