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Jinjer - Micro

How many bands manage to create something truly unique? Something that defies categories and boundaries and defy all expectation? Jinjer are the answer to all these questions and have been working frantically on a mind-blowing soundscape only they can do justice for, and one that shatters all comparisons. Their new EP Micro undoubtedly cements itself as another milestone in the history of the band. The record in itself is an emotionally charged trip ranging from caressing to traumatizing and loaded with world class grooves that can only leave you wanting more.

TAGS: Metal | Metalcore | Rock

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  1. 1. Ape
  2. 2. Dreadful Moments
  3. 3. Teacher, Teacher!
  4. 4. Perennial
  5. 5. Micro

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 02
    Vienna, Austria Impericon Festival Wien 2021
  • Apr 03
    Oberndorf, Germany Easter Cross Festival 2021
  • Apr 03
    Leipzig, Germany Impericon Festival Leipzig 2021
  • Apr 06
    Dunkirk, France Jinjer with Cold Snap and Sickret at Les 4 Ecluses
  • Apr 07
    Strasbourg, France Jinjer with Cold Snap and Sickret at La Laiterie
  • Apr 08
    Besançon, France Jinjer with Cold Snap and Sickret at La Rodia
  • Apr 09
    Durbuy, Belgium Durbuy Rock 2021
  • Apr 10
    Munich, Germany Impericon Festival Munchen 2021
  • Apr 11
    Oberhausen, Germany Impericon Festival Oberhausen 2021
  • Apr 27
    Guadalajara, Mexico Jinjer at Foro Independencia
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