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Jimmy Herring
Subject To Change Without Notice

Jimmy Herring - Subject To Change Without Notice

Jimmy Herring's Subject to Change Without Notice is a record that pushes Herring's music to another level. Produced the legendary John Keane, Herring again surrounds himself with close friends to make a strong, uninhibited record featuring mostly all originals as well as rousing covers of Mahavishnu Orchestra's 'Hope', George Harrison's 'Within You, Without You' and Jimmy McGriff's 'Miss Poopie.' It is obvious that Herring creates music simply out of love and respect for music. Herring demonstrates, without doubt, that his music and playing ability are continually growing, and that his music will thrill fans and fellow musicians alike.

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"Bilgewater Blues"


  1. 1. Red Wing Special
  2. 2. Kaleidoscope Carousel
  3. 3. Aberdeen
  4. 4. Within You Without You
  5. 5. Miss Poopie
  6. 6. Emerald Garden
  7. 7. 12 Keys
  8. 8. Hope
  9. 9. Curfew
  10. 10. Bilgewater Blues