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Jim Norton
Please Be Offended

Jim Norton - Please Be Offended

Comedian and best-selling author Jim Norton pulls no punches, going after jaw-dropping laughs not intended for the faint of heart.

Chief among his targets: the national hypersensitivity epidemic afflicting leading celebrities, talking heads and regular Joes alike to get offended by just about anything. Norton's got a message for those people, and it's in the title.

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"I Hate Hoarders"


  1. 1. Ozzy Intro
  2. 2. Al Sharpton Sucks
  3. 3. Racial Descriptions
  4. 4. The Mosque At Ground Zero
  5. 5. Profiling Is Fantastic
  6. 6. I Hate Hoarders
  7. 7. Prison Follies
  8. 8. Tiger, Mel, And Arnold
  9. 9. A Rape Baby
  10. 10. I'm A Throat-Clearing Idiot
  11. 11. Penn State
  12. 12. F--- The Westboro Baptist Church
  13. 13. Kids And Animals
  14. 14. My Amazing Ex-Girlfriend
  15. 15. Clean It Off, B----

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