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Jim Moray
A Beginners Guide

Jim Moray - A Beginners Guide

Jim Moray is one of the most consistently inventive musicians working in folk music today. After three ground-breaking and award-winning albums -- 2003's BBC Radio2 Folk Album of Year Sweet England, Jim Moray in 2006 and fRoots Critics Poll and Mojo Folk Album of the Year winner Low Culture in 2008 -- he now finds himself at the forefront of a new folk revival in the UK, and hailed as a pivotal influence by a new generation of folk musicians while still only being in his 20s himself.

A Beginners Guide compiles tracks from all these releases and also includes tracks from his rare and much sought after I Am Jim Moray EP and a bonus video to his award-winning XTC cover 'All You Pretty Girls'.

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"Leaving Australia"


  1. 1. Early One Morning / Young Collins
  2. 2. Barbara Allen
  3. 3. Poverty Knock
  4. 4. Leaving Australia
  5. 5. The Seeds of Love
  6. 6. All You Pretty Girls
  7. 7. The Rufford Park Poachers
  8. 8. Sprig Of Thyme
  9. 9. Nightvisiting
  10. 10. Lemady
  11. 11. Lord Bateman

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 15
    Chester, UK Jim Moray at St Mary's Centre
  • Jul 22
    Bath, UK Jim Moray with Tom Moore at Chapel Arts Centre
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