New Releases For November 19, 2013

Jim Allchin

Jim Allchin - Q.E.D.

'With a devastating combination of hard-hitting, incisive original material, passionate, expressive vocals and virtuosic guitar playing that will have jaws dropping, Jim Allchin rightly claims his place in the forefront of contemporary blues musicians.' - Dave Rubin, KBA Winner in Journalism.

'He's blazing a path in contemporary blues'- Nashville Blues Society

'Q.E.D. is dazzling' - Roots Music Report

'Definitely one of the best CDs I have heard all year and I have heard many' - Blue Ink

'There are many gifted artists in the world but very few who reach this level' - Reflections in Blue

'...A phenomenal talent!' - Smoky Mtn. Blues Society Review

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"Stop And Go"


  1. 1. Stop And Go
  2. 2. Gettin Old
  3. 3. Chime Blues
  4. 4. Reap What You Sow
  5. 5. Trust Me Featuring Mycle Wastman
  6. 6. Thinking Of You
  7. 7. Trash
  8. 8. Runnin Away
  9. 9. Tried And True
  10. 10. Drownin
  11. 11. Evil Minded Woman
  12. 12. Come On Home
  13. 13. No Way Out

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