New Releases For July 28, 2017

Jillette Johnson
All I Ever See In You Is Me

Jillette Johnson - All I Ever See In You Is Me

Jillette Johnson is the rare artist who needs little sonic accompaniment to make an indelible impact. Produced by Dave Cobb (the Grammy Award-winner known for his work with Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson), Johnson’s sophomore album All I Ever See in You Is Me offers up sparsely orchestrated songs centering on her spirited piano work and ever-changing vocal texture, an instrument that’s irresistibly powerful whether she’s belting out a refrain or whispering a hushed melody. Like only the most timeless songwriters, Johnson finds infinite depth within that simplicity. Drifting between hazy romanticism and resolute self-awareness, Johnson examines heartbreak and resilience with a willful and magnetic vulnerability.

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  1. 1. Bunny
  2. 2. Love Is Blind
  3. 3. Throw Out Your Mirror
  4. 4. Holiday
  5. 5. Flip A Coin
  6. 6. In Repair
  7. 7. Not Tonight
  8. 8. Like You Raised Me
  9. 9. I’m Sorry
  10. 10. All I Ever See In You Is Me
  11. 11. Thumbelina

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