New Releases For September 11, 2015

Picking Up The Pieces

Jewel - Picking Up The Pieces

Jewel returns with new album, Picking Up The Pieces, which serves as a “bookend” to the multi-platinum-selling debut, 1995’s Pieces Of You. Jewel, who Rolling Stone calls “one of the most richly idiomatic pop singers of her generation,” reveals some of her most striking work yet on the 14-track LP, featuring road-tested fan favorites (“Carnivore,” “Boy Needs A Bike”) alongside groundbreaking new tracks and a stunning collaboration with country legend Dolly Parton (“My Father’s Daughter”).

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"My Father’s Daughter"


  1. 1. Love Used To Be
  2. 2. A Boy Needs A Bike
  3. 3. Everything Breaks
  4. 4. Family Tree
  5. 5. It Doesn't Hurt Right Now
  6. 6. His Pleasure Is My Pain
  7. 7. Here When Gone
  8. 8. The Shape Of You
  9. 9. Plain Jane
  10. 10. Pretty Faced Fool
  11. 11. Nicotine Love
  12. 12. Carnivore
  13. 13. My Father’s Daughter
  14. 14. Mercy

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