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Jessie Baylin
Strawberry Wind

Jessie Baylin - Strawberry Wind

Strawberry Wind, produced by Richard Swift (Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Foxygen, The Shins) not only delivers on a promise to create an honest album for kids and parents, but it represents what Baylin calls the "beautiful divide," of juggling family life with her creative life, a difficult task by any measure. “The divide in me is easy to feel because I invest 100% of myself into my family and often the creative gets put to the side” she explained, “so when I decided to begin writing for this album it just poured out of me.” And, now singer-songwriter Jessie Baylin is sharing that creative outpouring on her debut children's album, Strawberry Wind.

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"Dream Catcher"


  1. 1. Dream Catcher
  2. 2. Supermoon
  3. 3. Strawberry Wind
  4. 4. Same Old Tune
  5. 5. Sparkle Shoelaces
  6. 6. Little Bird
  7. 7. Magic Of Your Mind
  8. 8. It’s The Summertime
  9. 9. I Am A Dreamer
  10. 10. Power In Words
  11. 11. We Need Each Other

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