New Releases For July 19, 2019

Jesse Palter
Paper Trail

Jesse Palter - Paper Trail

Detroit born/LA based, prolific singer/songwriter Jesse Palter has released her full-length, debut album, featuring ten tracks of aggressive, piano-pounding pop/rock in the soulful vein of Carole King, Sarah McLachlan and Sara Bareilles. All of the songs on Paper Trail were written by Palter, a multi-instrumentalist, and are autobiographical, capturing an intimate snapshot of her life. She focused on strengthening her creative muscles to explore what melodies, lyrics and chord changes worked best, allowing herself to be vulnerable, brave and brutally honest.

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"The Wrong Girl"


  1. 1. Sever The Ties
  2. 2. TMI (Wouldn’t You Like To Know)
  3. 3. Paper Trail
  4. 4. Waitin'
  5. 5. Heavy Is The Crown
  6. 6. Wildfire
  7. 7. Heart So Cold
  8. 8. Alright In Time
  9. 9. The Wrong Girl
  10. 10. Goodbye My Friend