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Jerry Yester
Pass Your Light Around

Jerry Yester - Pass Your Light Around

Pass Your Light Around collects Yester’s songs recorded in various studios throughout the 1970s (and even one dating back as far as 1964 from his Bleeker Street apartment). The songs were written with poet/lyricist and Tim Buckley collaborator Larry Beckett (who he got to know while producing Buckley’s Goodbye And Hello and Happy Sad), and feature performances by Yester, Rosebud bandmates David Vaught and John Seiter, future Lone Justice member Don Heffington, and even Laurel Masse from the Manhattan Transfer, among others. In true Yester fashion, the instrumentation moves from classic guitar based instrumentation to strings, celeste, harmonium and synthesizer.

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"Pass Your Light Around"


  1. 1. Pass Your Light Around
  2. 2. My Dusty Darling
  3. 3. Brooklyn Girl
  4. 4. The Whiskey Moon
  5. 5. Showboat
  6. 6. The Sun Is Like A Big Brass Band
  7. 7. Corn Cracker
  8. 8. Dance For Me, Anna Lee
  9. 9. With A Hickory Pole
  10. 10. Seesaw
  11. 11. The Minutes
  12. 12. The Rose
  13. 13. Across The Persian Gulf
  14. 14. All I Can Do Is Dance
  15. 15. Hip Toad

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