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Jeremy Ivey & The Extraterrestrials
Waiting Out The Storm

Jeremy Ivey & The Extraterrestrials - Waiting Out The Storm

Nashville-based performer Jeremy Ivey has operated in the background for years as a songwriter/guitar player with his wife, celebrated country-rock luminary Margo Price. Ivey is back in the spotlight with his sophomore solo LP Waiting Out The Storm. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Price, the ten-song album hosts a collection of homespun, deeply introspective tracks. Ivey, who writes prolifically and cites everyone from the Beatles to Neil Young to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan as influences. Ivey notes that on this album, “I wrote all of the lyrics first, then put music to them later, something I’ve never done before.”

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"Someone Else's Problem"


  1. 1. Tomorrow People
  2. 2. Paradise Alley
  3. 3. Movies
  4. 4. Hands Down In Your Pockets
  5. 5. White Shadow
  6. 6. Things Could Get Much Worse
  7. 7. Someone Else's Problem
  8. 8. Loser Town
  9. 9. What's The Matter Esther
  10. 10. How It Has To Be

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