New Releases For August 24, 2018

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson - Straitjacket

Take a ride along the banks of the Mississippi River, pull up a stool in any St. Louis blues joint and talk will soon turn to the musician who’s giving the city its soundtrack. Jeremiah Johnson’s towering reputation has been hard-earned. During a two-decade rise, his triumphs have been accompanied by struggles and scars – not to mention the solitude of a life in motion. But those hard knocks have forged him as an artist, and now they feed into Straitjacket: the warts-and-all masterpiece that gives it to you straight.

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  1. 1. Straitjacket
  2. 2. Getting Tired
  3. 3. Blues In Her Eyes
  4. 4. Keep On Sailing
  5. 5. Believe In America
  6. 6. King & Queen
  7. 7. Dirty Mind
  8. 8. 9th And Russell
  9. 9. Old School
  10. 10. Bonneville Shuffle
  11. 11. Hold My Hand
  12. 12. Rock & Roll Music To The World

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