New Releases For September 16, 2016

Jenny Whiteley
The Original Jenny Whiteley

Jenny Whiteley - The Original Jenny Whiteley

The Original Jenny Whiteley takes a traditional route in a nod to Jenny’s musical pedigree and her father’s and uncle’s well-known band from the ‘70s, the Original Sloth Band. The recording was made at H. Chris Brown’s Wolfe Island Ontario’s "The Post Office” studio with Jenny’s pals and musical comrades Sam Allison and Teillard Frost: aka Sheeshm and Lotus. The three musicians spent some long days together in Brown’s down home recording space and simply played until they got a performance they liked. “It was the most natural, organic, live recording I’ve been part of,“ Whiteley says.

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"Banjo Girl"


  1. 1. $100
  2. 2. In The Pines
  3. 3. Banjo Girl
  4. 4. Log Cabin In The Sky
  5. 5. Malade
  6. 6. Groundhog
  7. 7. Stealin’ Stealin’
  8. 8. Higher Learning
  9. 9. Oxford Town/Old Mother Flanagan
  10. 10. Morning Blues
  11. 11. Things Are Coming My Way