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Jazzmeia Horn
Love And Liberation

Jazzmeia Horn - Love And Liberation

A follow-up to A Social Call, her Grammy Award-nominated Best Jazz Vocal Album, Jazzmeia Horn’s second album, Love And Liberation, is a bold declaration of musical maturity, cultural identity, and personal growth. Over the last two years, Jazzmeia has been busy on the road, honing her vocal skills, writing songs of personal relevance and social message, and perfecting a fearless approach to improvisation. The convergence of this drive and development has resulted in what is sure to be hailed as one of the most courageous recordings of 2019.

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TAGS: Jazz | Jazz Vocals

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"Free Your Mind"


  1. 1. Free Your Mind
  2. 2. Time
  3. 3. Out The Window
  4. 4. No More
  5. 5. When I Say
  6. 6. Legs And Arms
  7. 7. Searchin'
  8. 8. Green Eyes
  9. 9. Still Tryin'
  10. 10. Only You
  11. 11. Reflections Of My Heart
  12. 12. I Thought About You

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