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Jay Semko
Sending Love

Jay Semko - Sending Love

Jay Semko is best known as the front man for multi-platinum Canadian rock band the Northern Pikes and as an award winning composer for film and television, but he's also one of Canada's most significant singer/songwriters. Sending Love is an uplifting acoustic journey through physical, personal and spiritual love. Minimal instrumentation leaves a feeling of 'deep woods summer dreaminess - highly recommended for de-stressing' by iconic Canadian music writer Jaimie Vernon. Semko is currently touring across North America with his acoustic guitar.

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"Sending Love (Part 1)"


  1. 1. Sending Love (Part 1)
  2. 2. Come Get A Little Love
  3. 3. Undeniably Love
  4. 4. Harmony
  5. 5. We Shine
  6. 6. Sweet Sweet Love
  7. 7. The Moon The Stars And You
  8. 8. Sizzlin'
  9. 9. For Certain
  10. 10. Nothing Left But Love
  11. 11. Sending Love (Part 2)