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Jay Goree
Long Hard Road

Jay Goree - Long Hard Road

Music fans like to live vicariously through stories their favorite artists tell, and Jay Goree’s tales are beauties. Truckers, cowboys, ne-er-do-wells and the lonesome inhabit this ten-song universe. Produced by Wade Black and featuring Jon E. Conley (Kenny Chesney) and Grammy winner Dave Roe (Johnny Cash), this album showcases the best of Americana and alt-country. “There’s rock-a-billy, honky-tonk, bluegrass, folk and rock & roll. The music is obviously deeply rooted in traditional American musical styles while at the same time being a little crazy.” Jess Marich, Shake Magazine

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"Long Hard Road"


  1. 1. Here Comes Lucky
  2. 2. Long Hard Road
  3. 3. Tryon
  4. 4. Say Goodbye To Hard Times
  5. 5. Little Juanita
  6. 6. Chibougamau
  7. 7. The Original Mexican Bob
  8. 8. Family
  9. 9. Ray Black
  10. 10. Say My Name