New Releases For November 24, 2014

Jason Isbell
Live At Austin City Limits (DVD)

Jason Isbell - Live At Austin City Limits (DVD)

What the viewers saw when Jason Isbell's debut aired on Austin City Limits was only 22 minutes of what was actually taped. Jason Isbell Live At Austin City Limits brings you the full set list, including an epic over 9 minute version of 'Danko Manuel' and the rocking cover of the Rolling Stones 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking.'

Jason Isbell's raw, open, and reflective approach to music led him to create an album that Rolling Stone considers to be ' of the year's best in any genre.' Isbell's Austin City Limits debut features him performing songs from that album, Southeastern.



  1. 1. Flying Over Water
  2. 2. Go It Alone
  3. 3. Alabama Pines
  4. 4. Decoration Day
  5. 5. Outfit
  6. 6. Cover Me Up
  7. 7. Different Days
  8. 8. Live Oak
  9. 9. Codeine
  10. 10. Traveling Alone
  11. 11. Elephant
  12. 12. Stockholm
  13. 13. Super 8
  14. 14. Danko Manuel
  15. 15. Can't You Hear Me Knocking

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